Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter in Marquette

Another night with snow.

Shoveled my drive way again.

Everywhere you go and live, there are always good sides and bad sides.

There is no perfect place to live.

It is easy to complain about place you live.

People complain about place you live without trying to adjust life in the place.

It has been long 3-4 months winter in Marquette.

I tried to adjust to winter and snow in Marquette.

There are so many good sides about winter and snow in Marquette.

But there are so many bad sides about winter and snow in Marquette.

There are so many things that I want to say.

But I have only one thing to share.

I tried to adjust to winter and snow in Marquette, but this kinds of life-style is not for me.

The sad thing is that spring won't come here until May or June.

Overall, life isn't easy but you got to keep living.

Giving up everything is easy solution, but that is only for losers.

Losers only complain and don't even try.

I do complain about things. But at least I try.

I mean everyone complains about something.

The issue is how you complain.

Nah you know what.

I will be 27 years old this August, but I am immature.

I am not even close to who I want to be.

But oh well.

That is life.

You have got to experience something to learn.

And yes again, this is unorganized blog.

Yeah life in the U.P. is tough.

Friday, January 31, 2014


Thank you for everyone how posted comments on my previous blog, and sent me message about it.

It was just a moment when I couldn't be positive.

But I really appreciate for everyone in my life, not just my friends who posted comments, but for everyone.

I am okay now.

I will apply for the position that I was talking about. It is at MIT to support internship program in Japan, and advise MIT students for this opportunity.

Again, thank you everyone. I really do.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Study break! Mental break! Whatever break it is! Or just random thoughts!

Yeah, as the title says, I need to take study break. And I do not proofread blog.

I have been working on my capstone since this morning, and I am getting burn out.

But I still need to work on a bit. It is almost there.

BUUUUTTTT I need mental break.

Anyways, we had another severe cold whether in Marquette. Last two days temperature was around -20 C, and it felt like around -30 C.

Yeah, I don't like cold whether.

I really want to move to South. Ideally, Carolina, Texas, Florida, or California.

It will be much warmer. But oh well..............what can I do now? It is weather.

At least it is sunny today.

Well, as I said on Facebook and Tumblr, now I want to become a personal trainer as well as work at university to support international students.

It is something new career interests. But I am sure that I would like it. I know it will be different working out at the gym from training others how to work out.

But I think I like to help others. I enjoy it. So I think I will like working as a personal trainer.

Although, I need to first get Master's degree and get a job at university...

Yeah job hunting.

I cried this morning while I was checking about one opening position.

Based on a job description, I would perfectly fit. It does not require me work as DSO.

But, they require candidate to be U.S. citizen or permanent residency holder.

I was literally disappointed, angry, felt hopeless, and yes I cried a bit.

I thought is there any ways for foreigners to work legally in the U.S. without getting married with U.S. citizen.

It is just so hart breaking when I know that I would be perfect candidate, but cannot apply for position because of my immigration status.

I am not gonna lie, for a few seconds, I was jealous of international students in STEM because U.S. government wants them stay in the U.S. Or I was jealous to female international students because they have better chance to get married with U.S. citizen and get permanent residency. I know this is not true, but that was my honest feeling at that moment.

I am not gonna lie, I am getting freaking out. I really don't want to go home. I cannot imagine myself being and working in Japan. Not even in Osaka or Tokyo. I just cannot.

But if I don't find a job in the U.S., I have no choice. This is really scary. This is really stressful.
This is really getting out of my control, even though I am usually good at controlling my stress level and being positive and optimistic.

But this morning was different.

I could not say "oh well. Things happen for reason."

I know I will learn something from being forced leave the States and forced to go home.

I know sometimes people will learn and grow from not being able to achieve their dreams and goals, even though they take serious efforts to achieve them.

But it is scary. Life is indeed scary. But you have got to keep living, trying to achieve your goals and dreams. You have got to believe in yourself. But it is sometimes hard.

It is sometimes okay to take easy and express your feelings to others.

Being Asian male, writing this blog is hard. I still don't know how to show my emotion. I bet I don't tell these things in person to others.

It is not because just I don't want to show my weakness.

It is because I believe who really cares about others' emotions and feelings. This is my issues, not yours.

I know it is such old thought.

But this is who I am still.

Showing my emotion is the most hard thing in my life now because these are still more feelings that I even don't express them here.

Life is tough. Being positive is tough. But I don't wanna do any stupid things again.

Yup, I am little by little growing but I am still immature.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is indeed a funky life in the U.S.

Yup as title says, I am indeed having a funky life in the U.S.

Before I came here, I knew dancehall reggae, and knew nothing about reggaeton and bachata.

Now? All I listen to are basically reggaeton and bachata.

Why? Well, I met a Hispanic girl, who loved these two kinds of music and dancing to them.

I needed to listen and learn how to dance.

I still love these kinds of music and dancing to them. You would think ways people dance to reggaeton and bachata are inappropriate.

But not necessary. That is how other perceive. Especially, bachata. It is so much fun. I really miss dancing bachata, and I do dance it at home sometimes.

Don't know bachata? You are missing such fun think in your life. Here is bachata!

Es muy facil y muy divertido. Me encanta bailar bachata. Bailo en mi casa hehe.

What else,


I went to SIT because I wanted to support international college students for adjusting to American culture.

I wanted to advise them face to face.

But during my internship at Northern Michigan University, I actually realized that I love coordinating events and programs. With IE degree, yes I can still do these things. Oh, I don't want to use "could have" "should have"


It is fun to design events and programs.

I was not like this before though. I was not outgoing. But to coordinate events and program, you have got to be outgoing and easy-going. And that is me now.


Now I found another career interest.

Personal Trainer.

Yeah. I have been working out for 3 or 4 years. Originally, it was to lose weight. Before I came here, I weighted around 170 lb. After 2 years in the U.S., I gained 15 - 20 lb.

I was fat. I mean I really was fat. Ask me for my passport picture. You will see it.

Well, I started going to the gym.

I lost 35 lb. But not in healthy way. I just didn't eat. All I ate was bread, rice, egg, and fish. That's all.

I did not try to become vegetarian. But meat was expensive, so I didn't buy it.

I was skinny, I lifted weight, but didn't gain any muscle.

Now I weight 160 lb. Trying to get more muscle.

And in last 2 or 3 weeks, I have started being interested in personal trainer. I just love working out. I can spend 2 to 3 hours at the gym easily.

So, I thought like, "Well, how about I help others to lose and become healthy?"

The answer was to become a personal trainer.

But I still want to support international students and programing.

So in the future, I will work at university as full-time staff member, and work as a personal trainer fr part-time.

Yes, that sounds perfect.

Now I just need to find a job at university, save some money, and start studying for PT.

And convince my future employer to sponsor me for H1-B visa.

Or find an American wife.........................ha!

You would think that I am being serious until the end.


I am not :)

Well, I love this song. I performed bachata in front of a bunch of people with my ex. I miss it. And it says what I feel about her still. Yeah, that is just bad. But song is beautiful. By the way, it is darn so rare that I talk about my emotion :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Want to be healthy? Well it takes time and determination though.

Nothing special to write, but I just have some thoughts in my mind. So I want to record it.

So, I still keep recording my workouts. I just don't update it here because I have not tumblr account.

Anyways, I eat health breakfast. I usually eat oatmeal with brown sugar, nutrition bar, plane yogurt, coffee, and orange juice.

For dinner, I usually eat rice, eggs, pre-cut vegetable salad, and fish or chicken so that I get enough protein.

But, I don't think I eat health lunch. I just eat sandwich with cheese and ham. No veges.

So, I decided to make my own fresh vegetable salad, and I will make own dressing with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

I will post a picture tomorrow.

So yeah this is my thought.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Insanely cold weather throughout the U.S........

Ahhhh it has been soo cold here in the U.S.

Temperature has been around -20 in Celsius, with windchill, it feels like -30~40..

But at least it will get warmer in next couple of days, which will be around -1 or 0 in Celsius.

I know it is so unusual to have -30~40 degree weather, but still it is so hard to deal with it.

Well....I got to stop complain about weather since I cannot do anything about it.

And it is stupid to think and complain about something you cannot control!

So, here is what I can control....

Work-out update! Well.....they are what I did yesterday..

Seated preacher curl 50 lb. 8 x 3
EZ-bar cable curl 115lb. 8 x 1, 120 lb. 8 x 2
Seated alternating dumbbell curl 25 lb. 8 x 1, 30 lb. 8 x 2

Seated dumbbell overhead extension 40 lb. 10 x 3
Rope pressdown 115 lb. 10 x 1, 120 lb. 8 x 2
One-arm dumbbell extension 20 lb. 8 x 1, 25 lb. 8 x 2

Incline chest press machine 200 lb. 8 x 1, 210 lb. 8 x 2
Decline barbell press 90 lb. 8 x 3
Flat-bench dumbbell flye 25 lb. 8 x 1, 30 lb. 8 x 2

Leg raise with 8 lb. dumbbell 10 x 3
Twist with 15 lb. medicine ball 20 x 3

Wednesdays are day off from the gym, and I needed it since body has been in pain...

Monday, January 6, 2014

After 2 days off from the gym

Well actually I went to the gym on Sunday to play racquetball with my friend. Racquetball is indeed tough, intense, but fun sports.

Anyways, work-out update on January 6, 2014.

Squat 200 lb. 8 x 3
Standing curl raise 180 lb. 8 x 3
Leg press 410 lb. 8 x 3
Curl press 450 lb. 30 x 3
Front squat 90 lb. 8 x 3

Seated machine press 140 lb. 8 x 3
EZ-bar upright row 70 lb. 8 x 3
Dumbbell lateral raise 20 lb. each 8 x 3

Bent-over row 90 lb. 8 x 3
T-bar row 80 lb. 8x 1, 90 lb. 6 x 2
Wide grip pulldown to front 117.5 lb. 8 x 3

Scissor kick 50 x 3
Box crunch 10 x 3
Leg raise with 5 lb. dumbbell 10 x 3
Balance ball crunch 10 x 3
Crossover crunch each direction 10 x 1
Air bike 10 x 1
Twist with 15 lb. 10 x 3

So they were what I did today. Of course, it takes time to see progress - probably I won't see any obvious progress for next 2~3 months.

Oh and there will be BCS College Football Championship tonight!
Aurban  or FSU....It is tough call, but I guess I root for Aurban.